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As Ontario's population grows and ages, there will be an unprecedented level of demand for health care and services. We need to begin developing solutions today to address the challenges of tomorrow so that Ontarians can get the health care they need, and deserve, when they need it. All of us—health care providers and organizations, businesses, government and the people of this province—need to work together to develop solutions to health care issues.
It starts right here with Better Care Faster.
Better Care Faster members have joined forces to work towards the goal of improving patient care and ensuring that Ontario gets the maximum return on its health care expenditures. The coalition's number one priority is to address one of the biggest health challenges and largest cost drivers in the system - the growing prevalence of chronic diseases. These already account for the lion's share of health spending in Ontario, and our aging population will undoubtedly add to the medical burden and further strain the province's dwindling financial resources. We believe there is a better way to meet the challenges facing Ontario's Health system than rationing care or forcing families to pay significantly more through new taxes or out-of-pocket costs. Read the report
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